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Special Romantic Getaway On A Shoestring Budget

Author: bsimard
Who says a romantic getaway should cost a fortune? If you are all set for a romantic getaway to get some quiet time with your beloved one on one or merely to try new experiences together there are a number of getaways that are entirely affordable. All couples have their own reasons for a romantic getaway but with some imagination keeping the romance sizzling doesn't have to make a dent in your wallet. There are a bunch of quick and easy ways to go on a vacation with a budget and online is the best resource where you will be able to read about deals for getaways just for two.

Romantic Getaway on a Budget

Decide where you would like to travel to on your romantic getaway and where you would like to stay when you get there. There are an abundance of hotel selections that will give you a price reduction when booking online. Look for internet reservation companies that not only help you to plan your trip but are great sources of discounts. Find out from them if they apply deals during certain seasons of the year.

Check into vacations that come in bundled travel deals. Travel all-inclusives are a popular method of being frugal. Not only do these all-inclusives include air travel but also hotels. Some all-inclusives even include ground transportation such as complimentary bus transportation to and from your resort. Purchasing an all-inclusive vacation makes it more practical for you in preparing for a romantic getaway. But always make it a point to confirm that the vacation you select doesn't fall far from the romantic theme of your trip.

For spur of the moment trips, a hot tip to save on hotel rooms is to do a walk in on the hotel you have chosen. There's a good chance that they will have an empty room available for you to stay in and you can even negotiate for a lesser rate. This can also be done on the internet by reserving a day before your arrival but be mindful especially if you're planning to stay in a high traffic tourist spot because there's a real chance the room rates could be doubled.

Preparing for a romantic getaway during the off-season is the best way to travel on a budget. As a matter of fact, you'll be able to save nearly half the price you would ante up on a popular season getaway. You will not only end up saving, you will be dealing with fewer crowds and little traffic on your trip.

All couples need a romantic getaway to keep the romance heated up, to spend a lot of quality time together and simply to enjoy the moment of experiencing each other but these getaways don't need to cost an arm and a leg. Surfing the internet and performing some research on finding great romantic places will produce big deals. But always make it a point that the places you pick hold fast to the romantic plans of your getaway.


Resource box: Brenda Simard is a travel expert who has travelled internationally since the age of seven. Her travels include the countries of Tahiti, Jamaica, Scandanavia and Canada among others. She is now taking her young son on trips with her to share with him the fantastic experiences she has enjoyed on her getaways. For more ideas on gearing up for your romantic getaway please visit www.planyourromanticgetaway.com